Permaculture and Natural Life

The solution to live in harmony with the Earth

Permaculture is a DESIGN METHOD of the human and natural system.
It provides a set of tools to help design and create sustainable human settlements.

“Permaculture” is a term coined by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in the 1970s, which originally meant “permanent agriculture”, a term that has evolved over time.

Today its broader meaning is APPLIED ECOLOGY.


Permaculture is inspired by the principles of nature and takes natural systems and ecosystems (such as woods) as an object of observation.

Ecosystems are able to sustain themselves for thousands of years on their own. They do not require the use of herbicides, watering, fertilizers and plowing.




Natural and regenerative agriculture, as well as offering an alternative for self-sufficiency, allows us to guarantee the care of the earth, improving its fertility and biodiversity year by year.



The growing interest in healthier lifestyles also leads to the search for a conscious diet.
Knowing better the beneficial properties of food allows us to cook in harmony with our body (internal climate) and with the different seasons of the year (external climate).
Food comes to life when it is fresh, natural and prepared with awareness.
We are promoters of a nutritious, creative diet, without fanaticism or dogma, which enhances ecology and food sovereignty through the consumption of local and fresh food.




Natural cosmetics are a healthy and ethical alternative to take care of your body without resorting to chemicals and products that are harmful to the environment.
Nature provides us with many ingredients with nutritional and therapeutic virtues such as plants, algae, fruits, clays, seeds and much more!
Entering the magical world of Natural Care and Beauty, we learn to recognize the properties of plants by discovering how to transform plants into useful and nourishing products that rebalance the metabolism of our skin (vegetable extracts, vegetable oils and butters, floral waters, lotions, creams , essential oils, etc.).