We are the farmers of the heart

Terramore is a non-profit association that brings together souls
willing to create and promote an alternative to the chaotic life of our time.
Some of us live here permanently, others are itinerant and come to find and help us,
in love with the environment that surrounds us and the dream that feeds our hearts.
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Silvia Costarella

I consider myself the guardian of Mother Nature and a farmer at the service of love and human evolution.

Since childhood, the enthusiasm for expression and connection with the body has been something natural for me.

For many years I have studied contemporary dance, I am passionate about moving and releasing emotions through the harmony of the body. Thanks to the travels, which have accompanied my evolution, and to the wonderful people I met along my path, I felt a new awareness blossom in me that led me to develop a passion for Yoga over the years.
I believe infinitely in the extraordinary power of this ancient practice that allows you to harmonize body, mind and soul. I am a certified teacher of Ancestral Hatha Yoga at Patanjali International Yoga Foundation in Rishikesh in India. Over the years I have enriched my pedagogical bases with more than 400 hours of training in Therapeutic Iyengar Yoga (Academia Internacional Nexo Yoga by Jose Antonio Cao, Tenerife), in Myofascial Yoga (Holistic Yoga Therapy by Helena Chacón, Huelva) and Aerial Yoga  (Xana Yoga Studio by Cristina Mantecón, Tenerife).

I consider myself a spiritual seeker.

Since adolescence I have been accompanied by a deep interest linked to the development of human potential and to the cosmic energy that unites us all, as if we were cells of a single organism.
The first approach with the “light subtle world” came thanks to the practice of Reiki and the possibility of perceiving the essence of every living being through the centering of the heart and the laying on of hands.
In the last 10 years I have studied issues such as Emotional intelligence, NLP and Coaching with a valuable annual training at the Chamber of Commerce of S/C de Tenerife,  offered by Priscilla González (founder of Innov-Arte) and Jaime Chaves (founder of Human Soluciones).
In particular, I specialized in methods of emotional management and release following different trainings such as TREC (InstitutRET Barcellona – with Dom Di Mattia
international lecturer in Rational Behavioral Emotion Therapy) and emotional release techniques (Ho’oponopono, Sedona Method, EFT and Metamedicine with Sonia Arcos).

I love to learn, research and create new personal growth tools. My mission is to help people cultivate their inner garden, learning to love and accept themselves.

I have always been passionate about medicinal herbs and spices.

I love to create special infusions and blends using medicinal herbs because I firmly believe that plants are great allies that give precious healing messages in their humility.
Since 2011 I have been studying and applying my knowledge in the world of herbal medicine, naturopathy and natural cosmetics. I have attended some training courses in recent years including: a course of Applied Herbal Medicine with Doctor Francesco Mostaccio (traditional galenic preparations), in India I received an intensive training of Ayurveda (HimVeda), deepening the oriental vision of the 4 elements and doshas applied to daily life.
In 2016 I followed a training in Naturopathy at the UNIPSI institute in Turin.

Nature offers us everything we need to live in harmony and health.

This philosophy is reflected in every aspect of my daily life, especially in terms of conscious and responsible nutrition. Together with Toti, I love experimenting with creative vegetarian and vegan recipes with fresh, organic and local ingredients. Cooking is a real meditative act, a ritual that brings us back to the sacredness of life.

Toti Salemi

My purpose is to offer tools to reconnect with Nature and rediscover the love and peace that reside in our hearts.

Since I was little I have always tried to carve out spaces for inner silence.

Over the years, spontaneously, I have approached meditation and with joy I continue to explore the multitude of paths and philosophies. In order to have the necessary tools to share what I have experienced with others, I trained as Meditation teacher at Ananda – International Institute of Yoga and Meditation.

To learn more about the techniques of Massage and sound bath with Tibetan bells I trained in Sound Healing in Rishikesh (India).

During my travels in Central America, coming into contact with the local culture, I have cultivated a great passion forMedicine Music of native peoples.

Toti Handpan

Music accompanied me playing a very important role in my growth and in my relationships.

I like to play various instruments to achieve a deep harmonic union through sound and awareness.

My approach to music is emotional and instinctive.

In 2016 arrives my first Handpan and I begin to study its wonderful sounds until I introduce it on a permanent basis among the instruments I use during my sound baths and meditation concerts.

Inspired by the interest in discovering how music affects our emotions, I specialized in Music Therapy at the UNIPSI institute of Turin.

I participated with my compositions Shanti Love and Light beyond the clouds at the compilation Inward Journey and Passages produced by the Handpan Healing Alliance.

I offer my music and some guided meditations on Insight Timer, one of the most popular meditation apps in the world.

I feel a great connection with the earth and I believe that nowadays cultivating your own vegetable garden is truly a revolutionary gesture.

To be a modern farmer of the heart there is a need to rethink a new relationship with the earth, inspired by natural principles and reciprocity. This is why I passionately put into practice the principle of permaculture and synergistic and natural agriculture.

I think it is important to re-establish a more intimate and true contact with Mother Earth in order to be able to recognize ourselves as her guardians. With my personal experience, combined with the tools of Shinrin Yoku, I accompany those who want to follow the call of Nature in guided forest bathing sessions.

I trained in the discipline of Forest Bathing with a specialized course of 150 hours.

I love experimenting with creative recipes from the vegetarian and vegan cuisine to bring healthy and balanced dishes to the table to nourish the body and spirit. Cooking consciously for others is a great gesture of love.

In India I finished a training inAyurveda in order to also apply its principles in nutrition and in building good healthy habits.


Since 2009 we have lived profound evolutionary experiences traveling, living and working in different countries of the world. Everything was born from the desire to live in a simple and authentic way according to values of solidarity and love for the Earth and Humanity. In Italy we traveled and collaborated with several educational farms and organic companies to get in touch with peasant wisdom, to put into practice principles of permaculture and to experience a natural lifestyle, during our project Gira e Coltiva Living in Costa Rica we have learned to reconnect with Nature in all its majesty, in small local communities we have rediscovered the value of manual skills and sustainable living by creating the project Finca Feliz In India we deepened the precious philosophy of Yoga and Ayurveda, experiencing the discipline and the life of the ashram. In the Canary Islands we have founded Estilo Verde a small center of spiritual retreats sharing a sustainable and holistic lifestyle.

We are constantly evolving and the heart, after many years abroad, brought us back to our beloved Italy in 2020, to give life to the associative project Terramore.

The Precious Itinerant Collaborators of Terramore


Hello I am Claudio!

I consider myself a great enthusiast and experimenter in Permaculture. What excites me most about this philosophy is the idea that natural ecosystems can be recreated in which people and animals can live in harmony with Nature. For more than 20 years I have been following internationally projects promoting sustainable practices. In particular, I specialized in the creation of synergistic gardens, phytodepuration ponds and in the design of Food Forest (edible woods). In Italy I offer theoretical-practical courses for the creation of plants for the cultivation of spirulina. In addition to the Italian realities, the countries that have inspired me the most at a permacultural level abroad are Costa Rica, Thailand, Uganda and France. I collaborated with Giuseppe Sannicandro, Anna Bartoli, Anna Satta, Elena Parmigiani, Salvatore Giaccone in Italy. Abroad I consider Ernst Götsch with Syntropic agriculture, Sepp Holzer with his permaculture projects, and of course Fukuoka, with his revolutionary natural agriculture work as great masters. I firmly believe that permaculture represents the only solution for the future, for sustainable agriculture and a conscious lifestyle.

Hi there, I am Rosi!

I studied as a naturopath to deepen my knowledge on herbs. For many years I have been cultivating, transforming and experimenting with the distillation of medicinal plants.

I follow the way of Reiki and the way of Mayan Cosmovision. I am passionate about the study of shamanic practices and ceremonies related to the elements.

I offer experiential courses in aromatherapy, energy healing and spontaneous herb recognition. With love I put myself at the service to convey the absolute need to live in harmony with Nature because it is in it that men can find all the answers they need to become authentic and complete human beings.

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