Do you want to rediscover inner harmony and get closer to nature?


Would you like to savor a slower, simpler way of life with a small group of like minded souls?

Join our Experiential Retreat in Italy

The Mindfulness and Deep Ecology Retreat is an immersive experience that combines the practice of mindfulness with the exploration of the profound connection between human beings and the natural ecosystem.

Just as trees become forests, we human beings, by following our inner nature, can become harmonious communities that create beauty and value.

In this experiential journey, we return to our roots, savoring slow, simple, and mindful living, immersed in a picturesque natural setting surrounded by wooded hills, just a few kilometers away from the stunning Costa dei Trabocchi in Abruzzo.

Earth & Heart Regeneration

In this Mindfulness Retreat you will find:

Sharing Circles

Mindfulness e Deep Ecology

Yoga classes adapted to your level

Permaculture & Natural Farming

Energy Healing Practices

Mantra chants and medicine music

Guided Meditations

Community Building

Forest Bathing (Shinrin Yoku)

Our added value: CO-CREATION

In this historical period, we believe it is more important than ever to create experiences that restore a sense of belonging and the strength of unity.
Imagine being in a nature-immersed setting where you gather with a group of people to experience a conscious and collaborative community life.

The journey begins with a welcome and introduction phase, where everyone shares their motivations and expectations regarding the experience. This creates a climate of trust and openness, which is essential for building authentic and deep relationships within the group.
Next, we move on to the phase of defining collective intentions and communicating the plan of action for activities and spaces.
This leads to the development of the experiential program, which is closely connected to the surrounding nature. During the activities, moments of reflection and sharing are created, where each person has the opportunity to express their emotions and experiences, feeling valued and supported.
Finally, at the end of the journey, we come together in a closing circle where we share feedback, benefits gained, and outline possible future paths. This phase is also participatory and aims to involve all participants in co-creating a shared path of growth and development.

Terramore is an experiential training center committed to creating an oasis of biodiversity where humans and nature coexist in harmony.
It is not an eco village, it functions as a catalyst for an intentional community
spread throughout the Trigno Valley in Abruzzo.

During the Mindfulness Retreat in Nature
you will have the opportunity to:

☘️ Deepen the practice of Hatha Yoga in Nature with a certified teacher

☘️ Convert meditation and contemplation in a daily habit

☘️ Observe, recognize and transform limiting thought patterns and emotional blocks

☘️ Bring you closer to Regenerative Natural Farming and Permaculture principles

☘️ Experience the joy of skill-sharing and co-creation

☘️ Embrace a simple, fulfilling lifestyle with new healthy and mindful habits

☘️ Learn how to manage relationships and assertive communication through the tool of the circle 

☘️ Using Sociocracy as a decision-making model and promoting the empowerment of participants

☘️ Contribute to manifesting a New World by cultivating trust and gratitude

Explore the innate connection we have with Mother Earth and our Authentic Essence





What people say

Nature as a refuge

At Terramore, you will have at your disposal two hectares of nature surrounded by wooded hills, enriched by majestic oaks and centuries-old olive trees.
We have created corners for contemplation and relaxation in the shade of trees, and we are sure that you will find your own space, both to be with yourself and to socialize with like-minded souls.
The area is abundant with walks to contemplate nature and its rich wild flora. Additionally, we are not far from the river, where you can find quiet and small protected coves for a refreshing swim at the beginning of summer.

During the mindfulness retreat, you will experience nature in a simple and comfortable way, and you will be hosted in a cozy tent.

In general, at Terramore, you will find a “minimal” and sober style, to give attention only to what is necessary and to do without everything that is superfluous and that can distract.

Skill Sharing & Open Space Technology

Terramore Retreat is a true experiential learning laboratory, emphasizing sharing and participatory management.

In the morning, sessions focused on Heart Regeneration and personal growth (yoga, conscious breathing, mindfulness) will be followed by Earth Regeneration activities and sustainable practices.
In the afternoon, we will engage in Community Building through Skill Sharing, utilizing Open Space technology to co-create a dynamic, interactive, and participatory learning environment, fostering knowledge exchange among participants.

We invite you to practice the 3H method (heart-head-hand), employing both mind and hands in service of the heart, co-creating the various daily activities necessary for community life. 

As in a family, you will be an active part of the group, contributing to the harmonious functioning of daily life in alignment with the environment and people.

Deep Ecology applied to Life

Deep Ecology is a philosophical approach that encourages us to deepen our connection with the Earth and develop a sense of responsibility and care for the environment. During the retreat, we will discover how we can live in harmony with nature, cultivate a sense of gratitude and respect for Mother Earth, and make sustainable choices in our daily lives.

At Terramore, we practice Regenerative Agriculture following the principles of Permaculture and Natural Farming by Masanobu Fukuoka.
Since 2021, we have initiated a food forest project with hundreds of plant varieties including fruit trees, support trees, shrubs, bushes, and aromatic plants.

Our energy is exclusively sourced from solar panels, this makes us live with a deep gratitude towards the Father Sun. To preserve soil purity, we only use biodegradable soaps and reuse phyto-purified water for garden irrigation.

* Personalized Hatha Yoga sessions, individual AeroYoga lessons, Reiki treatments, Natural Cosmetics workshops, Sound Healing workshops and Sound Massages with Tibetan Bells will be available upon request.

Mindfulness Retreat Program

Days at Terramore are organized based on the weather and season.
Each retreat is different and unique, with much of the initiatives being decided by tuning into the frequency of the group.

Mornings are dedicated to Heart and Earth Regeneration activities.

Afternoons are focused on co-creation and skill-sharing.

For the management of community activities, we employ the tools of the Circle and Sociocracy.

The daily routine follows the following organic and cyclical structure:

  • Regeneration of the Heart
    Personal growth activities (Yoga, Pranayama, Mindfulness)
  • Regeneration of the Earth
    Experiential learning and sustainable Permaculture practices
  • Mindfulness & Community Building
    Afternoons dedicated to co-creation and skill-sharing

Mindfulness Retreats are available from June to September 2024

The 6-day retreat begins on Monday afternoon and concludes on Saturday morning.

If you have any special requirements, please contact us to explore personalized options.
To live an intimate and deep experience, we host small groups, prioritizing the quality of the experience and practical learning in nature.


Now you have the opportunity to participate in our exclusive midweek short program!


6 day Mindfulness Retreat in Italy

The activities organized by Terramore aim to be accessible to everyone and are based on a solidaristic model structured around 2 suggested contribution levels.

Each participant is free to consciously choose the contribution level that best fits their economic possibilities, choosing any number between the categories (or even a higher amount). You are invited to step into a collective experiment to leave behind “scarcity thinking”  and explore what happens with a mindset of abundant gifting and receiving.

To access the experiences and activities of Terramore it will be necessary to register with the annual membership fee of 25 euros which also includes insurance coverage.

    6 day Natural Life Retreat
  • For people capable of covering primarily the living costs of the retreat, ensuring short-term sustainability.
  • Suitable for those who are economically disadvantaged.
  • €270

  • Book your retreat
    6 day Natural Life Retreat
  • Recommended for those who are able to support the project with a fair contribution that covers management and development costs and ensures the long-term sustainability of the project.
  • Suitable for individuals with steady income and a stable financial situation
  • from €350

  • Book your retreat


* All theoretical and practical sessions

* Sharing circles

* Use of common spaces

* Common fund for self-managed meals


* Annual membership fee + Insurance (25€)

* Private lessons or extra sessions

* Travel expenses to reach the association’s location

Terramore’s goal is to make its activities accessible to everyone and allow participants to co-create the journey with a conscious approach.

The association is committed to creating a collaborative and inclusive environment in which participants can share meaningful experiences and learn from each other, regardless of their financial capabilities.
The mission is to promote connection, awareness, and personal growth in a way that is sustainable, fair, and accessible to all.

Terramore is a non-profit association committed to providing a model of life based on the Laws of Nature.

We do not offer commercial services but community life experiences and personal growth journeys.

The contribution to the experience is used to cover management costs and to support the associative project in its mission to regenerate the Earth and to promote an alternative to the current situation of planetary crisis.

If you have limited financial resources, don’t hesitate to contact us to explore alternative ways to support the project, such as Service Retreat, donating materials, equipment, or valuable skills.

By joining our retreats, you’ll have the opportunity to delve into:

Yoga and Meditation


Sound Healing and Music


Permaculture and Natural Life


Heart Regeneration


This transformative experience is for you if:

you like the idea of being in a very peaceful place in the middle of nature

you have great interest and curiosity in Natural Farming, Permaculture and a sustainable lifestyle

you feel the desire to rebalance and lift your energy with the practice of yoga and meditation

You desire to spend quality time with like-minded souls and experience co-creation using the Circle Way and Skill Sharing

you like a minimalist and simple lifestyle (sleeping in a tent, digital detox, no Wifi, etc.).

you are looking for a life change and you need inspiration in a friendly atmosphere with the idea of sharing your path in a harmonious and humble way

This place is NOT for you if:

You are simply looking for a place to stay with no real interest in our mission and values.

You have no interest in co-creation, skill sharing, and are unwilling to actively participate.

You expect to get “city amenities” such as public transport nearby, WIFI, TV, bars, shops, etc.

You have serious physical or mental health problems such as very low mobility, severe spinal injuries, mental illness, severe allergies, etc.

You are dealing with an addiction (smoking, drugs or alcohol) as the use of these substances is not permitted.

Why choose Terramore?

Terramore is a Social Promotion Association.
Here you will not find commercial strategies or services but rather AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCES aiming to build relationships and bridges.
We want to contribute to collective well-being through the purity of our example, so thanks to your contribution you will help Terramore plant more trees, give space to more people and create more sharing and enriching experiences.
The facilitators, Silvia and Toti, have traveled for long time and will happily share what they have learned in each personal growth experience.
From the most expert yogis of India, to the Pura Vida of the farmers in Costa Rica, to the simple and natural life in the islands of eternal spring in Spain.
All this to offer you the best of Yoga and a healthy and conscious lifestyle.

Terramore wants to provide you with practical tools for your overall well-being and make you feel at home. 

To find out more about us, visit the ABOUT US.

You will be guided by qualified facilitators with international experience:


Hours of practice imparted


welcomed people


organized retreats

How to Book this Retreat??


1 ⇒ Choose the period you prefer (with arrival on Monday)

2 ⇒ Fill in the following form with your data

3 ⇒ Wait for our confirmation of availability and the conditions for participating (membership required)

Information Request Form

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How long does the Retreat in Abruzzo last? What are the conditions?

We offer experiential programs with a minimum stay of 5 nights.
The suggested duration for the retreat is either 6 days or 13 days.
Please note that we are not operational on Sundays, so your arrival day would be Monday.
If you participate in the two-week program, you will have Sunday as a free and self-managed day with the group.

Terramore Project is a non-profit organization that aims to share the values of harmony with the Earth and its creatures as much as possible. We offer authentic experiences and kindly request a fair and supportive contribution to cover the operational costs of the Association.

To access the experiences and activities of Terramore, it is necessary to become a member (membership fee of 25 euros).
To check availability and the membership contribution, please fill out the information request form.

What is the arrival and departure time?

Check-in is at 4pm while check-out is by 10am

How do I reach Terramore? Can I also arrive by public transport?

We are in the south of Abruzzo, half an hour from the coast, in the Valle del Trigno territory, precisely in the municipality of the village of Palmoli (CH), on the border with Molise.
If you come with your own car, you can see our location by going to the contact page or by searching “Terramore Associazione di Promozione Sociale” on Google Map.

If you want to use public transport, the best way will be to reach the city of Vasto or the closest San Salvo.
From these destinations it will be easier to arrange to pick you up or find easy solutions to reach us.

Here are some useful tips:


From Pescara (Piazzale la Repubblica) to San Salvo: 1h 30min – www.dicarlobus.com
From Roma Tiburtina to San Salvo: 3h 40min – www.dicarlobus.com
From Napoli (terminal metropark – Corso Lucci – Central Station) to Vasto (stop in Dogliola area servizio “Il Girasole”) – 2h 50min – www.autoservizicerella.eu


From Milano Centrale to Vasto-San Salvo: direct train 7h 30min www.trenitalia.com
From Bologna Centrale to Vasto-San Salvo: direct train 4h 35min www.trenitalia.com


Milano (Linate or Bergamo Orio al Serio)

Bruxelles Charleroy

Londra Stansted

Are beginners welcome?

Absolutely! Beginners are welcome. Our yoga and meditation classes are multi-level, so they can adapt to different needs. If you know how to breathe, you can do yoga 🙂

Those who have little experience in permaculture and natural agriculture are also welcome.

What type of accommodation should I expect? is it private or shared?

We will provide you with a comfortable and spacious tent in the middle of nature.
Depending on availability, you can have a single or double tent. 

How are meals organised? What if I have any special needs?

During the retreat we will organize ourselves as in a small family-community.
We schedule shifts to help with meal preparation and dishwashing.

**Inform us as soon as possible if you have special needs regarding food (diabetes, intolerance to gluten, lactose, allergies, etc.). We try to meet every need, however, in the event of major allergies, we remind you that you will have to assume full and total responsibility for your health.

What should I bring?

Remember to bring comfortable clothes for the countryside and for practicing yoga.
We advise you to bring slippers to use in the tent, clothing in case of rain and good work gloves to protect your hands when we work in the garden.
For personal hygiene products we remind you that here we only and exclusively use biodegradable and ecological products. If you don’t have them, you can buy shower gel, shampoo and conditioner directly from us.
Also remember to bring your own towel for the shower. It is also advisable to bring your own yoga mat.
Bring bug spray just in case – we recommend a natural one made from citronella.
Bring comfortable shoes in case you want to go hiking in the mountains.
But above all, bring a lot of enthusiasm for learning and a positive attitude, as this will help you get the most out of the experience.

What can I do in my free time?

There are many activities you can do in your free time.
A few steps from us there are some trails near the woods for walking and recharging in nature.
A few kilometers away, the Trigno river offers enchanting places to cool off on hot summer days.
If you want to stay in the centre, you can request an experiential workshop: Aerial Yoga hanging from a tree, Natural Cosmetics, Wellness Ritual with essential oils, Sonotherapy with Tibetan bells, and much more!
Likewise, many people opt for rest and relaxation.
Reading under an oak tree, sunbathing on the lawn, spending time in the garden, listening to music, writing poetry, making time for an artistic hobby, are other options you can choose.

How many people are admitted during the same period?

We host a maximum of 10-15 people considering an available living space of 2 hectares of land.
Each tent will have plenty of privacy and there will be large and varied outdoor spaces.

How are yoga and meditation classes organised?

During the experiential retreat of community living, we offer yoga and meditation classes in nature.
The yoga practice takes place in the Lotus Tent or outdoors depending on the weather.
The classes will be guided, considering the student’s level and the purpose they want to work on in the group. We will share our experience with the precious tools of this ancestral discipline: Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Sankalpa, Dharana.

What's the weather?

We are in the south of Abruzzo, half an hour from the coast.
We enjoy a dry Mediterranean climate, with little rainfall which is mainly concentrated in autumn and winter.

What languages are spoken?

In Terramore Italian, Spanish and English are spoken.
Knowledge of English is better but non-speakers of foreign languages are also welcome.

What are the conditions in case of cancellation?

To book we ask a deposit.
In case of cancellation the deposit will be refunded only if you cancel 30 days or more before the arrival day. After this period the deposit will not be refundable. 

(the membership fee of 25€ is not refundable)