The world would be a brighter place if everyone followed their Heart and lived in harmony with Mother Earth.

In service of Mother Earth and Self-Realization

Terramore is an experiential educational center and a community of individuals who believe in active and concrete change, learning, sharing, and promoting self-realization and environmental sustainability, within a holistic vision for positive change on the planet.

The non-profit organization is particularly focused on promoting Fukuoka natural farming and holistic human development through the philosophy of Yoga and the ancient wisdom of indigenous peoples.

Terramore is not an ecovillage but rather a temporary co-living space, where individuals can experience community living and the path of circle-based living for limited periods (mostly in spring and summer) as a formative experience.

Every retreat or experience offered by Terramore is an invitation to integrate the following 3 seed principles:

☘️ Inner listening
☘️ Heart in action through manual activity
☘️ Co-creation with the intelligence of Nature

A possible alternative

We believe in a Eco-Soul centered Human Development model based on trust and loving collaboration with others.

We aim to be a tangible example of how to live in harmony with Mother Earth through a project that contributes to the common good in all its aspects, bringing hope and beauty into the world.

Mother Nature provides us with everything we need to live in well-being and prosperity; all that remains is for us to slow down our pace and listen to her precious teachings in our hearts.
Through this process of inner awakening, every small daily gesture becomes a valuable contribution to the creation of the New World, where humanity lives in harmony with itself and nature, recognizing the sacredness of the invisible forces that lovingly assist this process of evolution.

Through the small and constant daily actions of the Farmers of the Heart, this project aims to create a space of harmonious growth and offer an alternative path in envisioning a New Humanity.

I change myself to create a New World

We believe in enriching humanity through the sharing of our uniqueness.
Our mission is to provide a welcoming refuge for body, mind, and spirit, a place immersed in nature where the soul meets itself and expresses itself freely and harmoniously.
We invite people to trust the voice of their Heart through experiences of deep introspection and connection with Nature and the power of the present moment.

This new perception of reality inevitably transforms the life of each individual, generating a new model inspired by evolutionary thoughts, words, and actions.

The Power of the Heart

The heart is an intelligent guide, a true “GPS” that opens unexplored horizons of infinite light, unconditional love, courage, willpower, calmness, empowerment, and resilience.
The gateway of the heart provides clarity through inner vision.
The heart liberates ourselves and others from the chains of suffering.

Our mission is to bring people closer to a natural lifestyle
and awaken the innate connection we have
with Mother Earth and the Higher Self.

We commit to:

Foster free and creative experiential learning

Live daily life in a sacred manner

Propose a way of thinking, communicating, and acting based on the heart

Supporting the development of human potential

Become faithful guardians of Mother Earth

Become a Farmer of the Heart

We live in an era that loudly demands a complete “cleansing” of our beliefs and thought patterns to allow for the conscious rebirth that the Earth urgently needs.
That’s why we strongly believe that it’s necessary to start with ourselves, working on coherence between mind and heart.

It’s essential to understand, at a deep level, that harmonizing on an individual level means offering a fundamental contribution to the healing process of the planet. By valuing and sharing our potential, we give a precious declaration of love to the Earth and enrich Humanity.

We possess an unlimited capacity for self-transformation within our apparent limitations, which can be overcome to evolve and create Paradise on Earth.

Everyone, with their own baggage of resources, can share their original creativity to bring to life a humanity where the well-being of people and that of the planet are given top priority.

As Farmers of the Heart, it’s important for us to emphasize that we won’t provide “magic recipes” or instructions on how you should solve your difficulties.

We believe it’s important for everyone to take responsibility for recognizing that freedom, peace, and harmony are the fruit of constant inner work within the crystalline heart.

What we can do with great joy is to share our knowledge, our creativity, our unique experience, and our sensitivity to offer you tools and “seeds” that help you transform your life into a beautiful blooming garden.


If you choose to see us as your companions on your journey of self-discovery, we’ll be thrilled, but remember that you are the best teacher of yourself!

With the hope that here you can find a space for self-awareness, heart connection, and welcoming and stimulating exchange, we give you our warmest welcome!