Sound Healing and Medicine Music

Sound Healing and Medicine Music

The Power of Sound

We are happy to share our experience of Sound Healing with those who wants to deepen their understanding of sound and vibration and wish to know how to use these precious sacred tools in daily life.
The vibrations act as a source of energy for the whole body, easing and releasing muscle tension and stress.
As we all know, everything is energy and vibration, everything is in motion to a lesser or greater extent.
The sounds we hear have great power in our consciousness, our mood can change and our body is motivated to move and dance too!
There is a multitude of sounds that during listening provide relaxation, irritability, nervousness, tranquility … others that trigger a process of purification of the subtle bodies.

Humans have used sound since the dawn of humanity.
Sound massage is a very special sensory experience with instruments that produce high vibrating sounds.
The vibrations created by the Tibetan bells act directly on the body, causing deep relaxation and triggering the process of harmonization and rebalancing also on a mental and emotional level.


Sound and vibrations have the ability to relax muscles and release tension, increase the body’s defenses and provide total relaxation.
It is perfect for people with symptoms of stress and who suffer from insomnia.
Sound Healing, thanks to the use of some musical instruments, is capable of generating a specific resonance frequency, consequently favoring a state of peace and harmony.


The Hang Drum (handpan) is a very contemporary percussion musical instrument.
It consists of two glued metal hemispheres.
It enchants with its special harmony and melody, inspires and invites you to experience an inner journey. Since its inception, the hang drum has gained tremendous interest all over the world, especially in the field of music therapy.

The medicine songs are songs dedicated to Mother Earth (Pachamama) linked to the tradition of native peoples.
Normally the melodies are very simple and intuitive, and the lyrics are dedicated to the elements of water, earth, fire and air.
These songs are sung to unite in celebration of Mother Nature’s life and abundance.