Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation surrounded by Nature

Calm your mind and find yourself

Yoga is a millenary spiritual discipline born in India aimed at all people who want to improve their lifestyle, through the conscious management of well-being between body and mind, with harmony, health and love.

Yoga (from the Sanskrit term yuj, which means “unite”, “union”) aims at the self-realization of the human being.
Using a series of harmonizing techniques and exercises, Yoga makes it possible to purify the body-mind system and promotes the integration of the various planes of human existence.
Yoga is a path that helps us to transcend duality, it is the bond that balances opposites leading to a state of inner union with the Whole.
With regular and constant practice, we feel well-being, calm and mental clarity emerge within us.
An attitude of greater responsibility and focus develops, to better face the trials and challenges of daily life.

Nature as teacher

Contact with nature offers a powerful tool for growth and transformation.
Tuning into Mother Earth it is important to live in a state of pure awareness in the present that is only possible when you clear your mind of weeds and clear the soil of the inner garden.
By connecting with the elements and natural cycles, you can grasp the profound meaning of life and recover harmony and well-being in every aspect of your life.

In the path of Yoga, meditation plays a very important role: in order to calm mental hyperactivity we use different methods of psycho-physical relaxation and specific concentration techniques to reach an inner meditative state.

By practicing meditation in a constant and regular way, intuition is activated and personal creativity increases: thus, great latent potentials are revealed, capable of guiding our evolutionary path.

Yoga is an experience-based method that helps turning on our inner light.
All yogic techniques aim at the mind to heal and enlighten it, as anything that comes from a clouded mind leads to separation and suffering.


breathing techniques


yoga poses


practical exercises and effective techniques


state of profound calm and peace


increases flexibility and muscle tone
improves posture
benefits the circulatory, digestive and nervous systems
improves control and respiratory capacity
prevents psychosomatic disorders
confidence increases
promotes deep relaxation
reduces stress
facilitates greater concentration and mental clarity
favors the conscious management of emotions
harmonizes the energy body

The practice offers techniques such as asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), mudra and bandha (techniques to concentrate energy) and relaxation, which purify our body, restoring balance and well-being on a physical and mental level.

The sense of peace and well-being that is felt thanks to the practice reveals the nature of this discipline: a path of personal evolution that leads to the awakening of consciousness, to harmony with ourselves and with what surrounds us.