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Sharing to Grow

We believe in a life model based on trust and loving collaboration with others.
If you have enthusiasm, a desire to learn and to share skills that you are passionate about, you are in the right place.
Terramore wants to help you network, get to know new realities, and believe that sharing is the best way to connect.

We are promoters of the SHARING ECONOMY: a form of socio-economic organization based on access rather than possession, on sharing rather than purchasing.
The collaborative economy offers an alternative model in which relationships occur horizontally and are based on mechanisms of trust and reliability.
We invite you to go beyond the conventional schemes to give space to a real experience of mutual growth.

Natural Farming: a sustainable solution to environmental and social challenges

Terramore is inspired by the principles of Masanobu Fukuoka, a Japanese botanist and philosopher, pioneer of the so-called Natural Agriculture and author of the book The One-Straw Revolution.

The philosophy of natural agriculture is based on the observation of nature, on the imitation of natural processes and on the minimization of human intervention to promote sustainable management of natural resources.
Simple solutions are preferred, avoiding the use of chemicals or invasive agricultural practices that could damage the ecosystem.

The Natural Farming Camp is a 6-day immersive experience aimed at promoting greater awareness of our relationship with Nature.

This experiential learning is a unique opportunity to learn natural and sustainable agriculture practices, creating a self-sufficient and harmonious agricultural system, without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and tillage.
The Natural Farming Camp also encourages collaboration and sharing among participants as a team building experience and community life.

The 3 H Model


terramore modello 3 h



The 3H model was developed by Terramore to offer a method of experiential learning that involves all aspects of the person, from emotional to cognitive and practical level.


It refers to the connection with inner purpose.
This stage involves opening your heart and listening to your inner guidance, being aware of your emotions and intuitions.


It refers to the cognitive component of learning.
In this phase, the mind is put at the service of the heart.
We are open to new creative solutions, stepping outside the conventional framework to start thinking through the "natural mind". In this way, resilience, observation and problem solving skills are developed.


It refers to the practical component of learning.
In this stage, you have the opportunity to put your hands in the service of the heart, applying the knowledge gained to create, build or experience something new.
Through hands-on activities, such as growing crops, preparing food or building structures, participants can experience new knowledge first-hand and put what they have learned into practice.

Help us in the mission to regenerate
the EARTH and the HEART

What to expect from this educational and regenerative experience:


sustainable practices for self-sufficiency, creative manual skills, vegetable garden preparation, sowing and transplanting, participatory management of daily needs


circles and exchange sessions on natural agriculture


You will learn to co-create with like-minded individuals by sharing responsibilities and resources, and developing trusting relationships


participatory and horizontal management (sharing circles, mindfulness, music, free movement, etc.) using Open Space Technology


immersion in nature, tent accommodation and digital detox

This place is NOT for you if:

You are simply looking for a place to stay without a real interest in our mission and values.

You expect to have “city services” such as nearby public transportation, WIFI, TV, bars, shops, etc.

You have serious and severe physical or mental health issues such as very low mobility, severe spinal injuries, mental illnesses, severe allergies, etc.

You are dealing with an addiction (drug or alcohol) as the use of these substances is not allowed.

Terramore strives to be a hub for sharing and self-expression, dedicated to serving the heart and honoring nature.
In an increasingly fast-paced and technological world, awakening our innate connection with nature is crucial for our psychological and physical well-being, as well as for the health of the planet.

By tuning into Nature’s wisdom and language, we can find inner guidance to navigate the challenges of modern life.


Natural Farming Experience

It is often challenging to determine the true value of something until you have personally experienced it. That’s why we believe that you should have the freedom to decide what the workshop is worth to you afterwards.
The 6-day Experiential Program of Natural Farming aims to be accessible to everyone and is offered through a solidarity-based model based on trust and conscious free donation.

This means that each participant has the freedom to choose the economic contribution that best suits their financial possibilities, stepping into a collective experiment to leave behind “scarcity thinking”  and explore what happens with a mindset of abundant gifting and receiving.
Every type of contribution holds great value for the project as it helps fulfill the various operational needs required for the program.

To ensure your participation and cover the preparation costs, we kindly request a prepayment of 250 euros. This guarantees your spot, and on the final day of the workshop, you will have the opportunity to determine the value of what you have learned and experienced.

If you have limited financial resources, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are open to exploring alternative ways to support the project, such as donations of materials, seeds, trees, or useful equipment, offering services, or sharing your talents.

* To participate in Terramore’s activities and benefit from the insurance coverage provided to members, registration with a membership fee of 25 € will be required.

  • Support Terramore through
    Trust and Solidarity Economy
  • Only 10 spots available!

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Terramore’s goal is to make its activities accessible to everyone and allow participants to co-create the program with a mindful approach.

The Association is committed to creating a collaborative and inclusive environment where participants can share meaningful experiences and learn from each other, regardless of their financial abilities. The mission is to promote connection, awareness, and personal growth, and to do so in a way that is sustainable, fair, and accessible to all.

The Natural Farming Network

Terramore actively supports and collaborates with the Natural Farming Network (RAN – Rete per l’agricoltura naturale), founded by Kutluhan Özdemir.

The Natural Farming Network is committed to spreading the principles of Natural Farming from Masanobu Fukuoka by organizing free reforestation events and workshops, promoting a sustainable approach to soil regeneration.


How do I reach Terramore? Can I do it by public transportation?

We are in the south of Abruzzo, half an hour from the coast, in the Valle del Trigno territory, precisely in the municipality of the village of Palmoli (CH), on the border with Molise.
If you come with your own car, you can see our location by going to the contact page or by searching “Terramore Associazione di Promozione Sociale” on Google Map.

If you want to use public transport, the best way will be to reach the city of Vasto or the closest San Salvo.
From these destinations it will be easier to arrange to pick you up or find easy solutions to reach us.

Here are some useful tips:


From Pescara (Piazzale la Repubblica) to San Salvo: 1h 30min –
From Roma Tiburtina to San Salvo: 3h 40min –
From Napoli (terminal metropark – Corso Lucci – Central Station) to Vasto (stop in Dogliola area servizio “Il Girasole”) – 2h 50min –


From Milano Centrale to Vasto-San Salvo: direct train 7h 30min
From Bologna Centrale to Vasto-San Salvo: direct train 4h 35min


Milano (Linate or Bergamo Orio al Serio)

Bruxelles Charleroy

Londra Stansted

Who is the Natural Farming Experience intended for?

The Natural Farming Experience is primarily aimed at those who are in a phase of transition from “conventional” to “natural” living and who wish to learn and experience sustainable cultivation methods in harmony with nature. This experience is also open to those who are already familiar with Natural Farming and Permaculture and who wish to share their knowledge for mutual enrichment and promote cultivation methods that respect the environment and biodiversity.

What activities will be carried out during the natural farming camp? And how many hours will be dedicated to these activities?

You will be an integral part of Terramore’s daily life. We will hold listening circles to assess the priorities of the place and organize activities accordingly. During the Natural Farming Camp, you will have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge about the applications of natural farming. In particular, you will learn how to awaken the soil, manage weeds, prepare the garden in accordance with the principles of natural farming, and we will make space for observations and comments on the site to improve your practice. As for the schedule, we prefer to maintain some flexibility and adapt to weather conditions. In general, we plan to dedicate about 3-4 hours to natural farming, with practical and theoretical activities guided by our facilitators.

We want to emphasize that participation in this program should not be seen as “work,” but rather as an opportunity to create value and gain knowledge through a hands-on field experience. All of this takes place in a spirit of gratitude, conviviality, and harmony. In our free time, we will use Open Space technology to give space to ideas, proposals, and community initiatives.

What type of accommodation should I expect?

You can bring your own tent to pitch in the middle of nature 🙂 Depending on availability, we can offer the use of some tents with mattresses.

What should I bring?

Remember to bring comfortable clothes for the countryside.
We advise you to bring slippers to use in the tent, clothing in case of rain and good work gloves to protect your hands when we work in the garden.
For personal hygiene products we remind you that here we only and exclusively use biodegradable and ecological products. If you don’t have them, you can buy shower gel, shampoo and conditioner directly from us.
Also remember to bring your own towel for the shower. It is also advisable to bring your own yoga mat.
Bring bug spray just in case – we recommend a natural one made from citronella.
Bring comfortable shoes in case you want to go hiking in the mountains.
But above all, bring a lot of enthusiasm for learning and a positive attitude, as this will help you get the most out of the experience.


What can I do in the free time?

There are many activities you can do in your free time.
A few steps from us there are some trails near the woods for walking and recharging in nature.
A few kilometers away, the Trigno river offers enchanting places to cool off on hot summer days.
If you want to stay in the centre, you can request an experiential workshop: Aerial Yoga hanging from a tree, Natural Cosmetics, Wellness Ritual with essential oils, Sonotherapy with Tibetan bells, and much more!
Likewise, many people opt for rest and relaxation.
Reading under an oak tree, sunbathing on the lawn, spending time in the garden, listening to music, writing poetry, making time for an artistic hobby, are other options you can choose.


How many people are admitted during the camp?

A maximum of 10-15 people considering an available living space of 2 hectares of land.

What's the weather?

We are in the south of Abruzzo, half an hour from the coast.
We enjoy a dry Mediterranean climate, with little rainfall which is mainly concentrated in autumn and winter.

What languages are spoken?

In Terramore Italian, Spanish and English are spoken.
Knowledge of English is better but non-speakers of foreign languages are also welcome.


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