During the Short Mindfulness Retreat, you will have the opportunity to:

☘️ Calm your mind and take care of your inner garden

☘️ Experience 3 days of simple living, returning to the essentials

☘️ Deepen your yoga practice related to the four elements with a specialized teacher

☘️ Observe, recognize, and transform limiting thought patterns and emotional blocks

☘️ Learn to manage relationships and practice assertive communication through the Circle Way

☘️ Explore Natural Farming and the sustainable practices of permaculture

☘️ Connect with nature and see it as a great teacher (Deep Ecology)

☘️ Play with others and reconnect with the innocent spirit of a child





What people say

A full immersion in Natural Life

If you have a short period of time available but don’t want to miss out on the benefits of a rejuvenating retreat, now you have the opportunity to participate in our exclusive midweek program!

Explore the philosophy of Deep Ecology, an approach that invites you to rediscover your innate connection with the Earth and embrace a loving responsibility towards the environment that surrounds us.

During the Mindfulness Retreat, you will learn to make sustainable choices that can transform your daily life.

In the 3-day retreat, you will find:

Sharing Circles

Mindfulness and Deep Ecology

Yoga classes suitable for your level

Emotional release

Sound Healing

Community Building

*Upon request, personalized sessions of Hatha Yoga, individual AeroYoga classes, Reiki treatments, and Sound Massages with Tibetan Singing Bowls will be available.

Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat Program

Terramore’s routine is designed to align with the natural cycles.
Each retreat is different and unique: experiential activities are facilitated by tuning in to the group’s energy.

The 3-day nature retreat program starts on Monday or Thursday afternoon with an opening circle and concludes on Wednesday or Saturday late morning with a closing circle.

The Retreat includes the following activities:

  • Morning Yoga Class
    (Asana, Pranayama, Connection with the 4 Elements)
  • Deep Ecology Activity
    Experiential learning and sustainable practices
  • Community Building
    Every daily need is managed and organized by the group
  • Mindfulness Session
    Different experiences will be offered based on the group, such as Ecstatic Dance, Sound Journey, Forest Bathing, Guided Meditations, and more


In the calendar, you can see the availability during Summer 2024
(from June to September).

You can choose between two options for your 3-day Retreat:

Starting Monday afternoon and ending Wednesday late morning.

Starting Thursday afternoon and ending Saturday late morning.



3 day Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat in Abruzzo

The activities organized by Terramore aim to be accessible to everyone and are based on solidarity contributions.

To participate in the experiences and activities of the Non Profit Association, it is required to pay the membership fee of 25 euros, which also includes insurance coverage.

    Short Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat
  • 3 day Regenerative & Mindful Living
  • €130

  • Book your Retreat


* Yoga Classes and Mindfulness Session

* Group Dynamics and Sharing Circles

* Use of services and common spaces

* Fresh vegetables from the organic garden and common fund for self-managed meals


* Membership fee + Insurance (25€)

* Private Lessons or Extra Activities 

* Travel to reach the Association’s venue 


Terramore is a non-profit organization committed to providing a lifestyle model based on the Laws of Nature.

We do not offer commercial services but authentic experiences of community living and paths for the regeneration of the Human Heart and Mother Earth.

Every type of contribution is highly valuable to the project as it helps cover operational expenses and supports the Association in its mission to promote an alternative to the current global crisis.

By joining our Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat in nature,
you will have the opportunity to experience:

Yoga & Mindfulness


Sound Healing & Medicine Music


Natural Life & Permaculture


Heart Regeneration


This Retreat is for you if:

You are fascinated by the idea of being in a simple and peaceful place, away from chaos, immersed in untouched nature

You have a sincere interest and curiosity for permaculture and a natural and sustainable way of life

You feel the desire to restore inner balance through the practice of yoga and mindfulness

You wish to spend quality time with like-minded people and share with an open heart

You are fascinated by a minimalist and simple lifestyle, where you can sleep in a tent, do a digital detox, immerse yourself in nature, and live without WiFi

You are seeking a life change and wish to find inspiration in a welcoming environment

This place is NOT for you if:

You are simply looking for a place to stay without a genuine interest in our mission and values.

You have no interest in co-creation and do not wish to engage actively.

You expect to have “touristic and urban” amenities such as nearby public transportation, WiFi, TV, bars, shops, etc.

You have serious and severe physical or mental health issues, such as very limited mobility, severe spinal injuries, mental illnesses, severe allergies, etc.

You are dealing with an addiction (smoking, drugs, or alcohol) as the use of these substances is not allowed

Why choose Terramore?

Terramore a Non Profit Social Promotion Association.
Here, you won’t find strategies or commercial services but rather AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCES aimed at building relationships and bridges.
We aim to contribute to collective well-being through the purity of our example.
Your contribution will help Terramore plant more trees, provide space for more people, and create more sharing and enriching experiences.
You will be guided by qualified facilitators with international experience. Terramore aims to provide you with practical tools for your holistic well-being and make you feel at home.

For more information, please visit the ABOUT US section.

How to Book the Retreat?


1 ⇒ Choose your preferred date (check the calendar)

2 ⇒ Fill out the following form with your details

3 ⇒ Wait for our confirmation of availability and the conditions for participation.

Information Request Form

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does the Yoga Retreat in Abruzzo last? What are the conditions?

The duration of the retreat is flexible.
Check in time is at 4pm and check out at 10 am.

We offer holistic experiences with a minimum of 2 nights up to 2 week long retreats.
On Sundays we are off so the day of your arrival will be during the week.

Our project has no commercial purposes, it is a social promotion association that wants to share as much as possible the values linked to harmony with the Earth and its creatures.

We offer authentic experiences by asking for a fair contribution to cover the management costs of the Association.
To access the experiences and activities of Terramore it will be necessary to register (membership fee of 25 euros).
If you wish to check our availability please fill out the information request form.

How do I reach Terramore? Can I also arrive by public transport?

We are located in the south of Abruzzo, 30km from the coast, in the territory of the Trigno Valley precisely in the village of Palmoli (CH), on the border with Molise.
If you come with your car you can see our position by going to the contact page or by searching on google map “terramore eco retreat”.
If you want to use public transport, the best way will be reaching the city of Vasto or the nearest San Salvo.
From these destinations it will be easier to organize to pick you up or find easy solutions to reach us.
Here are some useful information:


From Pescara (Piazzale la Repubblica) to San Salvo: 1h 30min journey – company www.dicarlobus.com
From Rome Tiburtina to San Salvo: 3h 40min journey – company www.dicarlobus.com
From Naples (metropark terminal – Corso Lucci) to Vasto (get off at the Dogliola junction “Il girasole” gas station – 2h 50 min journey – company www.autoservizicerella.eu


From Milano Centrale to Vasto-San Salvo: direct route from 7h 30min www.trenitalia.com
From Bologna Centrale to Vasto-San Salvo: direct route from 4h 35min www.trenitalia.com


Milan (Linate or Bergamo Orio al Serio)

Bruxelles Charleroy

London Stansted

Are yoga beginners welcome?

Sure! Beginners are welcome, our lessons are multi-level, so they adapt to different needs. If you can breathe you can do yoga 🙂

What kind of accommodation should I expect? Is it private or shared?

We will provide you with a comfortable and spacious glamping tent in the middle of nature.
Depending on availability you can have a private tent with a shared external bathroom.
In the tent you will find a comfortable bed with clean sheets.

How are meals organized? What if I have any special needs?

During the retreat, we plan shifts to help with meal preparation and dishwashing.

We use local ingredients and try to grow most of the veggies in our organic garden.

**Please inform us as soon as possible if you have any special dietary needs (diabetes, gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, allergies, etc.). We strive to accommodate every need; however, in the case of severe allergies, please be aware that you will be responsible for your health and safety.



What should I bring?

Remember to bring comfortable clothes for the countryside and for practicing yoga.
We recommend that you bring slippers to use in the tent, clothes in case of rain and good work gloves to protect your hands if you want to get to know the vegetable garden up close.
As for personal hygiene products, we remind you that here we use only and exclusively biodegradable and ecological products. If you don’t have them, you can buy shower gel, shampoo and conditioner directly from us.
Also remember to bring your own towel for the shower.
It is also advisable to bring your own yoga mat.

Bring mosquito repellent – we recommend a natural- based one.
Bring comfortable shoes in case you want to go hiking in the mountains.
Most importantly, bring a lot of enthusiasm for learning and a positive attitude, as this will help you get the most out of the experience.

What can I do in my free time?

There are many activities you can do in your free time.
A few steps from us there are some paths near the woods to walk and recharge in nature.
You can book a private class or workshop (Dance Improvisation, Wellness Ritual with essential oils, Natural Cosmetics, Sound Healing, Aerial Yoga hanging from a tree, …).

If you have a car you can easily reach the renowned Costa dei Trabocchi and choose the lovely beaches and typical towns.
We are also on the border with Molise, full of unexplored places and medieval villages.
Likewise, many people opt for rest and relaxation.
Reading under an oak tree, sunbathing on the lawn, spending time in the garden, listening to music, writing poetry, dedicating time to an artistic hobby are other options you can choose.

How many people are allowed during the same period?

We host up to 10-12 people considering an available living space of 2 hectares of land.
Each tent will have a lot of privacy and there will be large and varied open spaces.

How are yoga and meditation classes organized?

During the mindfulness retreat we offer daily hatha yoga and meditation classes in nature.
The practice of yoga is done in the Lotus Tent or outdoors according to the weather.
The lessons will be guided considering your level and goal.
We will share our experience with the precious tools of this ancestral discipline: Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Sankalpa, Dharana.

What's the weather?

We are located in the south of Abruzzo half an hour from the coast.
We enjoy a dry Mediterranean climate. Usually rain is concentrated mainly in autumn and winter.

What languages are spoken?

In Terramore, according to the current residents, we speak in Italian, Spanish and English.
Knowledge of English is welcome but those who do not speak foreign languages are also welcome.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel 30 days or more before the beginning of the retreat, you will be able to keep the credit for future retreats.
After this period the deposit will not be refundable.